Your educational journey isn’t all about spending time in the classroom; you also want valuable experience that you can take into the next phase of your life after graduation. At W&J, we know that the work you do outside the classroom is just as important as what you do in it, and we strive to provide internship opportunities and support for our students in a variety of areas.

Our faculty and staff are constantly researching and recommending internship opportunities for our students. W&J provides several funds to support our students while they gain this valuable work experience including the Maxwell Internship Award, the Franklin Internship Award, Merck Excellence in Science Award, and the Mazingira Fund.

In addition to the financial support W&J offers, we also have standing relationships with several organizations to offer internship opportunities to W&J students. Through our Center for Energy Policy Management (CEPM), students can complete internal research internships or work with The Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs. Our Environmental Studies program has partnerships with Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance (JHCA) and the Matador Wildlife Management Area in Paducah, Texas, for fully funded internships. Internships or work study programs with various departments across the College also are available.

What's Next?

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