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Washington & Jefferson College is known for preparing students to excel in careers ranging from medicine and law to technology and the arts. We call this professional readiness – the result of a progressive set of experiences that begin when you first arrive on campus and continue throughout your four years of education

The Center for Professional Pathways will support you in discerning your interests, sharpening your skills, and pursuing your long-term dreams. We see every student as an emerging professional, capable of mastering interpersonal and technical competencies to ensure a career success. A personalized PATH to Success will map your plan to pursue high-quality internships, fellowships and merit-based awards, and if appropriate, to apply to leading graduate schools and prepare for entrance exams. Along the PATH to Success, guidance will be provided by your own Student Success Network comprising a Student Success Consultant, Faculty Advisors, Career Pathways experts, and co-curricular mentors that can include your athletic coach, Student Life staff, peer leaders, and alumni who will support your experiential learning through internships and other pre-professional opportunities.

In addition, the Center for Professional Pathways offers a suite of online services that include Handshake, providing online access to full-time, part-time, internship, work-study, and summer job opportunities; Big Interview, a practice and mock-interviewing platform; and Focus2Career, a career exploration platform. Students can also craft their own academic experience through the college-funded Magellan Project, a program that offers students unique ways to approach research, internships and more.

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Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

At W&J, professional readiness also includes a commitment that every graduate will be recognized for leadership potential and a commitment to the highest standards of ethics. The Center for Professional Pathways collaborates with the Center for Ethical Leadership, another distinctive feature of a W&J education, to support your growth in professionalism, character and confidence. It is no surprise that our graduates are often selected for the most sought-after jobs and later are among the first to be promoted.

Signature Experiences, Superior Career Outcomes

W&J’s signature experiences will empower you to achieve learning outcomes that align with eight career competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a professional association focused on market trends and the attributes most sought by top employers.

1. Career and self-development

• Explore career pathways and create action plans that foster career connections and workforce attachment
• Participate in a minimum of two experiential learning activities that will refine technical skills and cultivate professional networks

2. Equity and inclusion

• Work inclusively and develop skills to foster an environment where each perspective is considered for the cooperative purpose of making progress toward a common goal
• Understand the impact of culture, identity, and values to be able to apply these constructs in a professional environment

3. Teamwork

• Develop a high level of emotional intelligence
• Demonstrate the ability to productively participate in group situations and resolve conflict

4. Communication

• Engage with the Writing Center to learn to communicate clearly and successfully transfer writing skills to the needs of the professional environment
• Effectively articulate practical skills and tools on a resume, in a portfolio, and during an interview

5. Leadership

• Collaborate with the Center for Ethical Leadership to deepen understanding of what it means to lead with integrity in one’s personal and professional life
• Adopt a sense of ethical, civic, and personal responsibility

6. Technology

• Cultivate a high level of digital, media, and information literacy
• Develop a professional digital identity and demonstrate aptitude with common workplace technologies

7. Critical thinking

• Identify strategic solutions to complex problems
• Be able to synthesize and evaluate information that will inform strategic decision-making

8. Professionalism

• Enter the world of work with confidence and a commitment to continual learning
• Demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, and a strong work ethic

Graduate Outcomes

At Center for Professional Pathways, we regularly hear feedback from employers about our talented and prepared graduates. When you're a graduate of W&J College, you're a competitive candidate for employment and graduate study.

88% of students complete an internship or other professional experience while at W&J. After graduation, 97% of students accept employment offers or are accepted into graduate school, with 68% employed and 29% continuing their education.

Graduate Outcomes Report

Download the current report or see our past reports.


Handshake, a career management platform, connects students and employers. W&J College partners with Handshake so that students can locate the best job and internship opportunities for their career path at over 300,000 employers, including all Fortune 500 companies.

For Students

Create an account and take the lead to find amazing internships and jobs, or even employment right on campus while you are a student. So you can get right to the good stuff, your basic information has already been added to your profile. To get started in Handshake, all you need to do is claim your account.

Recruit W&J Students and Alumni

If you're looking for the best new talent and graduates who are well prepared for the opportunities you have, you'll find the best candidates come from W&J College. Register with us to post your full-time, part-time, internship, seasonal, or freelance opportunities. Once you register, the Center for Professional Pathways will review your registration. After you're approved, you can start connecting with our students.

The CPP team is also available to collaborate on creative enhancements to your recruitment process. This includes, but is not limited to: campus branding opportunities, participation in career and internship fairs, and interacting with students in and out of the classroom. For more information, connect with us via email: We look forward to meeting you!

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